Experience a FulFilling Sense of Community at Village at Penn State Retirement Village

The new Community Room at the Village at Penn State is now open!

Boasting a raised stage and seating for up to 165 guests, the new community room allows more residents to partake in the variety of activities offered at The Village. Also included is enhanced lighting, sound, and visual capabilities; a terrace and patio area; and a full kitchen for dining events. The room can be divided into smaller sections to facilitate multiple events at the same time. In addition to lectures and performances, yoga, private resident parties, and exercise and dance classes will also be held in the room.

Along with the new community room, a new connector hallway links the main residences of The Village to our health care center, The Atrium, keeping access to all areas conveniently under one roof.  This new hallway passes the new community room and grants easier access in our community so friends and family can visit the Atrium, and residents of the Atrium can participate in more activities.

Updated 6-4-18
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