Covid-19 FAQs

We know that you may have questions during these extraordinary times. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to provide more information during this time.

We will update this information regularly as the situation changes, and please do not hesitate to call us with questions.

Please click here for frequently asked questions pertaining to the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Q: Should I take my personal care or skilled nursing family member home?

    Personal care and skilled nursing residents receive additional services. While at home within our community they are able to receive the around the clock care they need at all times, which may be difficult for family members to provide during these stressful times.

  • Q: Does The Village have any positive residents?

    At this time, The Village does not have any positive cases among residents. We are prepared if this were to occur and have taken the steps to keep our residents safe throughout the community. It is important to note that we have taken these steps prior to requirements from the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS), The Department of Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

  • Q: Does The Village have staff members that have tested positive for COVID-19?

    The Village does not have positive cases among staff members. We are prepared if this were to occur and are adhering to the Pennsylvania Department of Health guidelines for all staff members tested positive no matter their role.

  • Q: What are the guidelines for healthcare workers to return to work after testing positive?

    An employee who tests positive will remain at home for minimum of 10 days from onset of symptoms with at least 24 hours fever free without fever reducing meds and symptom improvement. If asymptomatic Employee to remain home for 10 days from test.

  • Q: When will visitors be allowed back in The Village?

    Independent Living

    Independent living residents may have visitors in their apartments and cottages, as well as outside the community. Visitors must wear masks and upon arrival will have their temperatures taken and asked several questions to ensure the wellbeing of our residents. We ask that visitors continue to observe social distancing and wear masks throughout the community.

    Personal Care & Skilled Nursing

    On March 12, 2021 the Pennsylvania Department of Health announced new visitation guidelines for personal care and skilled nursing. These new practices went into effect on Monday, March 15, 2021.

    Here is what will not change:

    • All protocols for infection prevention and control MUST continue. This includes everyone wearing masks, social distancing (remaining at least 6 feet apart from everyone you encounter including the resident you are visiting).
    • All visitors must be screened before entering including temperature checks, health status questions and responding to questions related to potential exposure to COVID-19. A visitor may be denied access depending on the results of the screening.
    • Visitation outside is still the preferred location for visits for the protection of all residents, visitors and staff. Areas are available in the courtyard and patio.
    • We are still responsible to ensure that at any given time there are not too many visitors in our community that would prevent good infection prevention and control protocols to be followed.

    Here is what is new per the CMS/DHS guideline:

    • All residents living in personal care or the Atrium may have visitors at anytime
    • Visitors should limit their movement in the facility to go directly to the resident room
    • A resident who is fully vaccinated can choose to have close contact (including touch) with their visitor while wearing a well-fitted mask and performing hand hygiene before and after. Regardless, visitors should physically distance from other residents and staff while visiting.
    • We cannot require that visitors have been tested for COVID-19 or have been vaccinated for COVID-19.
    • WE DO STRONGLY ENCOURAGE ALL VISITORS TO GET VACCINATED AND TO CONSIDER WAITING UNTIL THEY ARE TWO WEEKS PAST THEIR LAST SHOT WHETHER THEY RECEIVED A ONE DOSE OR TWO DOSE VACCINE. This is what is being recommended for everyone but it is particularly important as we open up our communities that provide a home for so many older and often frail seniors.

    Visitation Guidelines:

    • Due to the anticipated volume of visitors we will no longer schedule visits for either inside or outdoors.
    • When you come to The Village to visit someone in our community you will be screened and you can then go directly to the room of the resident you will be visiting.
    • If the weather permits we request that you then escort the resident you are visiting to an outside visiting area.
    • We ask that after your visit you use the available supplies to wipe down any touched surface in the visiting area.
    • We suggest that you do not visit during mealtimes.


    • We will let you know via signage if we have an outbreak occurring somewhere in the community.
    • If an outbreak occurs we will need to close again to visitation until testing results in no new positive cases for the required period.

    Other considerations:

    • Because we cannot require proof of testing or proof of vaccination you will potentially be encountering others who have not been vaccinated or tested.
    • There are instances where a resident may not have indoor visitation related to our county positivity rate and/or residents with COVID and/or in quarantine.

    We ask for your continued partnership in keeping our community safe by doing the following:

    • Wear a mask
    • Practice social distancing with everyone in the community
    • Wash your hands
    • Do not visit if you are not feeling well
    • Strongly consider getting vaccinated

    For everyone’s safety, strongly consider getting a COVID test 2-3 days before visiting if you have not been vaccinated or are not two weeks past your last vaccination.


  • Q: Can I visit my family member as a Compassionate Caregiver?

    The Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services have released guidance that includes information on Compassionate Caregiver visitation.  Here is some important information for you that is included in the guidance:

    Compassionate Care visitation is allowed in limited situations per CMS FAQs on Nursing Home Visitation. Care can be provided by Compassionate Caregivers if there are two or more documented “significant changes” in a resident’s condition. A significant change is defined in 42 CFR & 483.20(b)(2)(ii) as: A major decline or improvement in a resident’s status that: 1) will not normally resolve itself without intervention by staff or by implementing standard disease-related clinical interventions; the decline is considered “self-limiting…”, 2) impacts more than one area of the resident’s health status; and 3) requires interdisciplinary review and/or revision of the care plan.

    The Village will contact the family of residents who may qualify to receive Compassionate Caregiver visitation to discuss options. If you feel that your family member living at The Village qualifies to receive Compassionate Caregiver visitation and would like to designate a Compassionate Caregiver please contact Samantha Stratham at [email protected]. Our clinical team will determine if Compassionate Caregiver visitation is appropriate based on the guidelines we have received.

    Please be aware that the CMS FAQs state that they do not believe these visits should be routine and they should be allowed on a limited basis as an exception to restricting visitation.

    We ask that you carefully consider your request as we all continue to partner in keeping COVID outbreaks controlled in our communities. Please remember that it only takes one positive case in a staff person or a resident to send us back to pre-opening plans that will limit dining, activities and visitation for all. We’ve been fortunate since this pandemic started in March, and we are all working to keep The Village at Penn State a safe and healthy place to live and work.  

  • Q:  Do I Need to be tested for COVID-19 before I visit as a compassionate caregiver?

    Yes. We require that all compassionate caregivers be tested and provide a negative test result. The Village will continue to stay in contact with compassionate caregivers regarding testing requirements.

  • Q: How is The Village’s staffing?

    The Village’s staffing remains strong.

  • Q: What plans have been implemented to engage residents during isolation?

    The Village is offering door-to-door meal delivery and small group activities for independent living residents, which fall in line with safety practices and social distancing.

    We are doing everything we can to provide meaningful interactions with our residents. We are offering Face-timing, skyping, and using an Echo Show to video chat with friends and family.  Residents are also asked, weather permitting, if they would like to walk outside or sit in the courtyard. We are delivering the drink of the week to residents in the Atrium and Personal Care.  We are also providing links to virtual concerts and church services.

    We will continue to evaluate our policies to ensure the safety of our residents.

  • Q: If my loved one becomes ill, are you still sending residents to the hospital?

    Yes, if a resident requires hospitalization they will be transported to the hospital. We will provide a mask for the resident (if tolerated) to decrease exposure during transport and in ER. 

  • Q: Is The Village still allowing admissions?

    The Village is currently open for new residents to move in.

  • Q: Will you be testing all residents and staff?

    On a daily basis, we will continue to follow the guidance of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH).

    Based on the mandate from the Pennsylvania Department of Health that went into effect on June 9th we are testing all skilled nursing residents and staff. We are also following the mandate, which was announced on June 26th, to test all personal care residents and staff.

  • Q: Are you doing antibody testing?

    We are not doing antibody testing. There are many studies being conducted and to date there have been no reliable results for antibody testing. We will continue to follow CDC and Pennsylvania Department of Health guidelines for testing.

  • Q: What is the guidance for personal care at The Village?

  • Q: What is the guidance for skilled nursing at The Village?

  • Q: Where can I find information on the COVID-19 vaccine?

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