Meet the Team! Marketing Assistant, Madison, Helps Residents Enjoy Fulfilling Retirements

June 3, 2021

Marketing Assistant at The Village at Penn State, Madison Glover, greatly enjoys developing relationships with residents and families throughout this beautiful community. As she helps new residents make The Village home and discover plentiful opportunities for a fulfilling retirement, her passion for helping others continues to grow.

Madison graduated from Penn State University in December of 2020. “My major was in Business Management with a minor in Health Policy and Administration,” she explains. While Madison was pursuing her degree, she interned at a local retirement community in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. “Working with residents in that community really sparked my interest in retirement living. I enjoyed getting to know them and helping make their life the best it could possibly be,” she reflects.   

As Madison’s interest in retirement living continued to grow, she had her hopes set on working at The Village after graduation. Upon searching for jobs, she came across the Marketing Assistant position. “I felt so lucky to be given the opportunity to work here and become a part of this community,” she says.

When I first saw The Village I was blown away. It’s such a beautiful location. Seeing the stadium from the main building, I was amazed. Alongside the luxurious cottages with so much greenery and trees, I’ve never seen anything like it. 

Marketing Assistant at The Village at Penn State, Madison Glover

Stepping into her role as Marketing Assistant in February, Madison has enjoyed developing relationships with new residents and helping them make The Village home. “My job is really fun because when I meet residents, they have already made the decision to move here. It’s more than simply helping them choose paint or flooring. I get to help residents create their ideal space that they will call home and I enjoy guiding them through that journey,” she explains.

As Madison helps new residents settle into their apartments or luxury cottages, she introduces them to the innumerous amenities The Village has to offer.

At The Village residents have so many opportunities to make the most of their retirements. Whether it’s signing up for kickboxing class, golfing in Palmer Park, or sitting outside by the bonfire with friends, there really is something for everyone here.

Marketing Asistant at The Village at Penn State, Madison Glover

And she feels great reward in seeing residents enjoy worry-free retirements. “When I look outside and see residents playing corn hole together, or golfing, it’s rewarding to see them truly happy. The Village is a place that is relaxing and enjoyable. Residents don’t have to worry about the stresses that typical homeowners may have like mowing the lawn or clearing gutters,” she adds.

Madison also says that what makes this community a wonderful place to live is The Village’s dedicated team. “The team members at The Village are wonderful. Everyone who works here is so kind and welcoming. We all have that common goal of helping residents have the best living experience possible,” she affirms.  Getting to know team members, residents, and families more and more each day, Madison is thrilled to be an important part of this community.

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