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Activities Committee

The Activities Committee represents residents by collaborating with the with the Director of Resident Services in planning, organizing, and coordinating a wide range of educational, recreational and social activities that will include as many residents as possible, provide for a wide variety interests, and enhance residents’ living experiences at The Village.

Building Committee

The Building Committee works with Environmental Services to maintain the buildings at The Village by collecting and prioritizing residents’ comments, suggestions and recommendations related to building conditions and security. The committee provides resident input into The Village expansion plans by providing counsel on planning and construction of new buildings.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee works with the Director of Accounting and Executive Director on all matters that will have a financial impact on residents. It will collect from Management such information as it is available and regularly report to residents on the state of The Village’s financial affairs.

Food Committee

The Food Committee works with the Director of Dining Services to offer resident input on the quality of food, service, and the overall dining experience at The Village. It reviews resident comments on the quality of dining services and makes suggestions for their improvement.

Garage Sale

The Garage Sale Committee collects and prices donated items for an annual sale, with proceeds benefiting The Village Resident’s Council. This committee works with the Director of Resident Services to facilitate the collection of donated items from current resident apartments and recently vacated apartments.

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop Committee works with the Director of Resident Services to recommend, stock, and inventory The Village Gift Shop with various convenience items, gift items, and customized Village clothing and gear. The committee members staff the Gift Shop twice daily during open hours to facilitate sales to the residents.

Landscape Committee

The Landscape Committee works with the Director of Environmental Services to monitor the conditions and care of lawns and plantings at The Village. The Committee offers aesthetically pleasing landscaping suggestions to increase the pleasure of Village residents.

Library Committee

The Library Committee, in cooperation with the Director of Resident Services, provides and maintains a quality library of recent fiction, biography, history, large print books, and miscellaneous categories that will appeal to all residents.

Marketing Ambassadors

The Marketing Ambassadors assist the Director of Marketing on various matters related to marketing and public relations of The Village. The Marketing Ambassadors are trained to give tours, and are also called upon to dine and interact with prospective residents. In addition, the ambassadors assist the Director of Marketing during both on-site and off-site special events.

Reaching Out Committee

The Reaching Out Committee seeks to 1) promote the transition and integration of new residents prior to their move-in until six weeks post move-in, 2) to reach out to residents going through a difficult time by providing support, and 3) to devise mechanisms to enhance the general spirit of community at The Village.

Residents’ Annual Fund Committee

The Residents’ Annual Fund Committee solicits and manages contributions from residents, which will then be used to demonstrate our appreciation of The Village employees for their efforts made on behalf of the residents.

Sunshine Committee

The Sunshine Committee works with the Director of Resident Services and the Wellness Nurse to send cards to residents that are in the hospital, Atrium, who are not well or need to be cheered up.

Woodshop Committee

The Woodshop Committee works with the Director of Environmental Services to provide a safe, functional and enjoyable atmosphere for residents to complete woodworking projects and other hobbies. Members of the committee staff woodshop for several hours each week to ensure a safe working environment for other residents.

Tech Support Team

The Tech Support Team is comprised of residents who have an interest in computers and technology. The members are eager to help you solve technology problems with computers, printers, Internet set-up, DVD player set up, etc.

PSU Connect Committee

The PSU Connect Committee was formed with the support of Penn State administration to strengthen the ties between The Village and the University. PSU Connect has also formed a tie with the Center for Healthy Aging at Penn State.

Art Committee

The Art Committee organizes and manages displays of art in the community. There are two community locations for art displays: the hallway near the Lion’s Den and the display case in the 3rd Floor Commons Lobby.

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