Meet the Team! The Village’s Wellness Coach Helps Residents Reach Their Health and Fitness Goals!

September 30, 2021

For Wellness Coach of The Village at Penn State, Lindsey Zeuschel, inspiring residents to live well is not just her profession, it’s what brings her joy and motivation each day. As Lindsey organizes a variety of fitness programs throughout the year, she feels great reward when helping residents reach their wellness goals and improve their health.

What I enjoy most is when residents tell me how my programs have helped them do things in everyday life that they couldn’t do before. Whether it’s playing with their grandchildren or riding so many miles on a bike, it’s amazing to see them reach their goals. 

Wellness Coach of The Village at Penn State, Lindsey Zeuschel

Lindsey has always had a passion for fitness, which is precisely why she chose to pursue it for her career. Upon earning her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, Lindsey went on to obtain her official certification as a Group Fitness Instructor and Senior Fitness Specialist. She also became certified as a Kickboxing Instructor a few years later. After obtaining her various certifications, Lindsey began working as an Activities Director in a local retirement community.

“That’s when I realized I enjoyed working with adults in their later years,” she affirms. “ Then, I came across the opportunity as Wellness Coach at The Village, and with my background, I knew it would be the perfect fit,” she adds.

Lindsey’s Journey with The Village begins…

Beginning her journey with The Village in 2018, Lindsey has enjoyed expanding residents’ horizons and introducing them to new fitness programs that help them reach their wellness goals. “When I first came to The Village I was really excited to see how active the residents are here. Their fitness levels are very impressive,” she describes. As Lindsey is responsible for organizing The Village’s various wellness activities, she leads different programs including group exercise classes, personal training sessions, outdoor recreation, and more.

“The Village’s pool was recently renovated so residents have really enjoyed our Water Fitness class, especially through the fall and winter months,” she says. "The pool is a great way for residents to stay active all year because we do low-impact exercises and it's a great cardio workout," she explains. "Our residents love our pool," she emphasizes.

Lindsey looks forward to working with residents year-round, as The Village provides great opportunity for both indoor and outdoor exercise. "I do personal training with residents one-on-one in our fully equipped, state-of-the-art fitness center, which I really enjoy," she reflects. "My personal training sessions are a time when I can really connect with residents and develop those relationships."

Lindsey also mentions a new piece of exercise equipment The Village recently added to their impressive collection. "We recently got a new Nordic Track treadmill, which takes you on virtual walking tours all over the world. It's like nothing I've ever seen before.It's a very advanced piece of equipment and the residents really like it," Lindsey notes. 

In addition to their wide variety of indoor exercise opportunities, residents truly enjoy outdoor recreation in Palmer Park. Whether they're playing bocce ball, practicing tai chi, yoga, or taking a walk through beautiful gardens and  greenery, residents enjoy the perks of Palmer Park even through the months of fall.

Discover how Lindsey makes fitness fun at The Village! Explore more of her exercise classes by clicking here!

“Our exercise programs are great not just for residents’ physical health, but mental health as well. They have so many opportunities to be active with friends and it provides great socialization,” Lindsey affirms. As residents have numerous opportunities to maintain and improve their fitness skills, the team at The Village appreciates their input as they continue to grow their wellness programs.

“We have a Resident Fitness Committee here, which is fabulous for a number of reasons. It not only helps us gauge where residents are in their unique fitness journeys, but their likes and dislikes help inform our future plans,” Lindsey says. 

The Village has really helped us stay active throughout our retirement. With the fitness center, pool, and Palmer Park, there's always something to do. We're so happy here!

Paul and Caroline J., residents at The Village at Penn State

Lindsey offers a kickboxing class to her group exercise activities. “Kickboxing is a great cardio workout and it can help improve balance. It’s also great for treating the side effects of Parkinson’s disease,” she explains. Additionally, Lindsey looks forward to continuing her Walking Club through warm and lovely summer season in State College.

As Lindsey promotes health and wellness at The Village, she is filled with excitement to help residents discover the joy of exercise and living well. “I enjoy helping residents find activities that make exercise fun for them. It’s rewarding to see residents who weren’t initially excited about fitness to genuinely enjoy the activities they’re doing.”

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