Grateful to Call The Village Home: Resident Enjoys University Connections

August 4, 2022

Resident of The Village at Penn State, John, says he is grateful that he made the decision to move to this beautiful community. “I'm lucky to be living at The Village. My experience here has been outstanding and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome in my search for a retirement community,” he reflects.

John is originally from central New Jersey. Prior to retiring from his satisfying career in December of 2019, he worked as a chemical engineer for nearly 40 years. “Most of my work was in the automotive industry with the development of environmental catalysts to reduce pollution. Most recently, I worked in diesel emission control in heavy duty trucks. It was very rewarding,” he recalls.

While John was still working, he began searching for retirement communities all across the country. “New Jersey was not my ideal location for retirement. So I began looking for other options. My in-laws had lived in a retirement community and they had a good experience,” he notes. “Because I have a PhD in Chemical Engineering, I was especially interested in a university-based community,” he adds.

When John began researching retirement in Pennsylvania his interests were heightened. “Pennsylvania seemed like a retirement-friendly state. When I came across The Village I discovered their connection with Penn State University which has an excellent reputation,” he affirms. Upon inquiring more information, John visited The Village and was thoroughly impressed with the community. “One of the things that really impressed me on my first tour was the number of activities they offered. There are so many options and of course there’s the added cultural and sports opportunities with the University, which was very exciting to me,” John emphasizes.

Beginning the journey to a fulfilling lifestyle…


I would recommend The Village to anyone. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome in making my decision to move here. I’ve had a wonderful living experience. 

John H., resident of The Village at Penn State

John moved to The Village in April of 2020 and has been immensely pleased with his decision. “My apartment is very spacious. It has open living areas and a newly updated kitchen, plus my view overlooks Palmer Park, which is just beautiful. The grounds here are also very private,” John describes.

Enjoying his luxury apartment and beautiful views, John is extremely pleased with the many friendships he's developed since moving in and the new activities he's gotten to try. 

The people at The Village are so friendly. I’ve had many opportunities to meet other residents here. Getting to meet new people over dinner in the dining room has been really fun for me.

John H., resident of The Village at Penn State

“There is also a very nice lecture series in partnership with the University. It’s a mix of science and other areas of study, and I’ve really enjoyed that,” he adds.

Expanding his horizons and developing new friendships, John commends The Village’s dedication to outstanding service. “The team of professionals here are amazing. They’re very nice and helpful, and truly want to give residents the best experience possible," he says enthusiastically. With so many benefits to enjoy, John’s family is also happy that he’s made The Village his new home.

“I have nieces who live in Massachusetts and we communicate regularly. My wife has passed, as well as my in-laws and parents. So I was the one making the decision to move to a retirement community. My nieces are happy that I’m here and it’s been wonderful getting to meet so many new people,” John affirms. Making new friends and discovering all that The Village has to offer, John looks forward to thoroughly enjoying a fulfilling retirement within this beautiful community.

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